We are constantly in the market to buy new material at Arizona Coins and Collectibles for our customers. It is a major part of our business to regularly have new items for our collector customers, novice to advanced, as well as for our Bid Boards. We are interested in purchasing collections, hoards, finds, large or small in all areas, as well as single coins, and bullion. We offer competitive prices, and are always eager to view any material you might have. No item or items are too small to have checked for value. We are always interested in bullion items of all types and also in scrap precious metals

Often people have accumulations of coins, older banknotes, tokens, medals, and other numismatic or collectible material that they do not think of as being valuable. At times due to inheriting material or dealing with an estate one will receive material with little or no idea as to the values of the material. We can help with that by giving a quick estimate or making a serious offer on the material, whether or not the customer chooses to sell us the material is entirely up to them. We do not charge for a quick evaluation on material, though if a written, thorough evaluation is needed for estate purposes, insurance purposes we can accommodate this also at a very reasonable fee in a professional manner.
In the case of large collections, serious accumulations we can travel to make an offer, or evaluation, we only need a rough idea of the type and quantity of the material and some time to make arrangements to do so. Generally the best is to bring the material in. In the case of large collections some advance notice, or an actual appointment is always helpful.

In general, if the collection was formed in the past, it is best to leave the collection in their original envelopes, boxes, albums, etc. and not to clean any of the material in any way. An old pedigree envelope can often make an otherwise ordinary coin more interesting just due to the famous or important collection it may have once come from. Only pack the material in a way that movement does not cause damage in the form of dents, scratches to happen in transporting the material as in the coins rubbing, moving against each other. On the cleaning of coins, it is done, but is best left to experts as improper cleaning can destroy the value on many items. We have seen all too often wonderful valuable things that have been turned to metal value by improper cleaning, polishing, “shinning up”, etc. The same is true of collectible items, they are generally best if left as original as possible, conservation is best left to experts in that field. In the area of precious metals collectables or antiques, we frequently hear of “antique value” from customers, and often in the case of common old silver or gold items, the metal value is more than what antique dealers normally pay for these items. We have heard many horror stories of items sold for a fraction of what the metal value actually was as “antiques”. Do you think $200 for your antique gold watch as an antique sounds better than $700 for that watch as gold? It pays to check your items out.

Often we have been presented with items customer have brought in as after thoughts without knowing even what the item is, only to discover that they had a valuable item. That “piece of brass” they “were going to throw away” was actually a gold nugget worth substantial money, or that old token from Arizona pioneer days is really worth far more than all the old common coins together that grand dad saved in a box. It pays to check things out and it only take a little time.

We do trade. Many times collectors have duplicates, the focus of their collecting or interest has changed and we are happy to accommodate trade deals. We try to look at trade material in a businesslike manner, the only principles or questions that apply are: would we purchase the item at the price it is in the trade? How long it will take to sell the item? We tend to look at material we receive in trade as purchasing the item. If the transaction seems reasonable, we are interested.

Let us help you, we are happy to assist.