Collectibles is a fast growing area these days. Always paralleling and complimenting coins, collectibles share many of the same qualities of numismatics, and in many areas overlap. During the Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment, much like the collecting of coins and medals, many collectors kept a “cabinet of curiosities”. This has evolved in modern times in the form of Natural History Museums. Interestingly, coins, medals, banknotes, tokens are included for the most part in natural history collections. The connections are striking, as just one example- a piece of native silver from a historic Spanish mine is a great go along item with a Mexican Spanish Colonial silver coin.

At Arizona Coins and Collectibles we are going with two main themes in this very broad area, affordable interesting items of small size and items with historical and educational interest. We strive for affordable, textbook examples in most areas of collectibles. We offer a wide variety, including but not limited to fossils, minerals with focus on native metals and gems, meteorites, antiquities, ethnographic items, items from historic treasures, shipwrecks, etc., small object d’ art, Oriental art, mining antiques, many historic Arizona relics and vintage items.

Areas we try to concentrate on are Odd and Curious Money items or Primitive Money items, and items relating to Arizona such as memorabilia, metal detector finds, and related. The inventory of all these items changes rapidly, and often a group of items are limited in supply or are a once in a lifetime find. These tend to come and go quickly, find new ‘homes’ in collections of today. Small finds of relics, often from very old collections are the only source of the item and are very many times not replaceable.

With such a broad area to be covered we have enlisted the assistance of David G. Cox, researcher, explorer, as advisor for our Natural History and Collectible items. Mr. Cox has over 40 years experience in the area and a variety of expertise in many of the areas we are presenting, having worked with or sold items to museums, institutions, treasure salvage companies, collectors around the world.

If you have ever wondered about owning a dinosaur fossil, meteorite, a Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Pre-Columbian artifact, treasure in many forms or maybe a piece of history be it man made or by nature, we could be your source and would be happy to assist you in your search.

“Ipsa scientia potestas” or Knowledge itself is power.”